The Weavy Widget API

With the widget javascript API you can add your own buttons and controls for interacting with the Weavy widget. This is the most advanced and powerful way to take full control of how you want the Weavy widget to look and behave. If you haven’t already, take a look at the configuration options for basic control of the Weavy widget.

Widget Core

  • Widget - The main class for the WeavyWidget.

Widget Plugins

  • Alert - Displaying alerts with messages.
  • Attach - Functionality for attaching files frmo dropbox, O365, Google etc.
  • Authentication - Sign in functionality when not using SSO.
  • Badge - Handles badges for notifications and messages.
  • Bubbles - State machine for handling spaces connected to urls.
  • Context - Connect spaces to urls and provide browser context links.
  • Dock - The UI component containing bubble buttons and panel handling.
  • Fallback - Opening panels in popup windows when frames are disallowed.
  • Messenger - The Weavy Messenger.
  • Notifications - Displays notifications in the browser window.
  • Panels - Manager for creating and handling panels.
  • Personal - Panel containing user profile, notifications, stars and drafts.
  • Position - Dock minimizing and drag’n’drop.
  • Preview - Displaying images and documents in full browser window.
  • SSO (Single Sign On) - Using JWT for providing seamless authentication.
  • Start - Panel for the weavy start page for opening spaces and finding people.
  • Theme - Loading and injecting styles into the WeavyWidget.
  • Upgrade - Checking if new versions of the widget are available.