Weavy widget

The Weavy widget is a drop-in UI that you add to your existing app or website with a small javascript snippet. This drop-in contains a set of collaboration features in one, flexible package - messaging, document collaboration, and more.

Weavy Widget

Adding the Widget

Adding the Weavy widget to your application or website is easy. Just add the widget loader script to your page.

Widget options

After successfully adding the Weavy widget you may want to tweak its options to make it look and behave the way you want it to. You may for example show or hide certain objects or even enable and disable core features.

Working with the Widget API

For even more control of the widget you should have a look at the widget javascript API.

Building plugins

You can build your own javascript plugins to customize the widget.

Chrome extension

To try out the widget on different pages you can use our Chrome extension. It adds your Weavy Widget to any page in realtime. Follow the guide so set up the chrome extension.