Rest API Pagination

API resources that returns a set of items share the same structure. To control which elements are returned (i.e page the result) you can modify the top and skip parameters.

A request for a paginated result would typically look something like this:

GET /api/spaces/1/apps?top=2&skip=2

This is how a typical paged response would look:

  "data": [
      "id": 3,
      "type": "app",
      "id": 4,
      "type": "app",
  "top": 2,
  "skip": 2,
  "count": 5,
  "prev": "https://weavy-url/api/spaces/1/apps?top=2",
  "next": "https://weavy-url/api/spaces/1/apps?top=2&skip=4"

  • data – an array containing the actual items, paginated by any request parameters.
  • top – the number of items to return.
  • skip – the number of items to skip (used for paging).
  • count – the total number of items.
  • prev – the url for the previous paged result.
  • next – the url for the next paged result.