Get started with the Server SDK

This article will help you get started with Weavy on your Windows developer machine.

Since the Weavy backend is built on the .NET framework you need a Windows machine to build and run the code.


First, you need to install the following tools:

If you see an option to add git to the PATH during installation, choose to do so. It will be handy. Also make sure to launch Visual Studio 2019 and install any available updates.

Download Weavy

We provide a Visual studio solution on GitHub to get you started. The solution contains a fully functional ASP.NET MVC web application that you can run on your local machine. In a terminal window, run the following command to clone the repository:

git clone

Instead of cloning, we recommend that you fork the repo so that you can easily modify and check in your changes to GitHub for future reference.

Create database

Open SQL Server Management studio and create a new database named weavy.

Add database

Build and run

Once the repo is cloned and the database is created, use Visual Studio to open the solution file Weavy.sln from the root directory of the repo.

You can now run the project by pressing Ctrl+F5 or choosing Start Without Debugging from the Debug menu. When the app starts, you will see a browser window open with the setup wizard launched. After completing the setup you will be logged in to Weavy.

If you get runtime errors when starting the app - try re-building by choosing Clean and then Rebuild from the Build menu in Visual Studio and then run the app again.

Publish and deploy

Now that you've verified that Weavy is working the way it should, the next step is to create a deployment package.