Service Layer

The classes in the Weavy.Core.Services namespace contains the service layer in Weavy and provides logic to operate on classes in the Weavy.Core.Models namespace. By convention the services are named the same as the models they operate on.

This article highlights some of the more importants services that you are likely to encounter when developing with Weavy.

Configuration Service

ConfigurationService is used to get configuration settings.

User Service

UserService operates on User objects and contains everything needed for managing users.

Space Service

SpaceService operates on Space objects and contains methods for creating and deleting spaces, adding and removing members etc.

App Service

AppService operates on App objects and among other things contains methods for adding and removing apps from spaces.

Content Service

ContentService is for managing content in apps. It has methods for getting, creating, updating, and deleting content items.

Comment Service

CommentService is for managing comments on ICommentable entities.

Post Service

PostService is for getting, creating, updating, and deleting Posts.

Message Service

With MessageService it is possible to programatically create and post Messages into Conversations.

Push Service

PushService is used to push data in realtime over a websocket from the server to connected clients.