The Weavy Widget

The Weavy widget is a drop-in UI that you add to your existing app or website with a small javascript snippet. This drop-in contains a set of collaboration features in one, flexible package - messaging, document collaboration, and more.

Widget Reference

Widget Concepts

The Widget Class

The widget is instantiated and you may have mutliple widgets on the same page. Each providing it's own set of features, settings and panels. The instance handles realtime communication, event distribution and panel management.


The basic building blocks of the widget are panels. A panel is essentialy an iframe set up with communication features and managed handling. Each widget may have one or multiple panels. Typically a panel is showing a space or the messenger, but may show any desired page.


Spaces are not really a part of the widget, but is usually one of the most common things you want to display in a panel. They group together a set of tab apps with a set of users. The tab apps can include content such as posts, tasks or files for instance.

The widget provides some additional functionality to spaces. You may connect a space to a specific url in your site, so that the space shows up automatically when the user is on that url. This means you can have one simple widget configuration and then dynamically bind spaces to different parts of your site.

The Dock

The Dock is an optional UI component that binds together icons and panels for all spaces in weavy. It's set as default, but may easily be disabled in options. It provides buttons for opening, switching and connecting multiple spaces as well as search, messenger and notifications.