SpaceController Class


Controller for managing spaces.

public class SpaceController : WeavyController
System.Object → WeavyControllerSpaceController




Admin(int) Make the current user admin in the space.
ApproveMember(int, int) Approve request to join a space.
Archive(int) Archive a space.
Delete(int) Permanently delete the space.
DenyMember(int, int) Deny request to join a space.
Edit(int) Display form for editing a space.
Follow(int) Follow a Space.
Get(int, Query) Display home page of the specified space.
Index(SpaceQuery, string) Display list of spaces.
Insert(Space, bool) Create a new space.
InsertMembers(int, IEnumerable) Add member(s) to the space.
Join(int) Current user Joins a space.
Leave(int) Current user leaves a space.
Members(int, string, Query) Display the list of members in the space.
New() Display form for creating a new space.
RemoveInvite(int, int)
RemoveMember(int, int) Remove member from space
Restore(int) Restores a Space.
Settings(int) Edit the space settings.
Star(int) Star a space.
Trash(int) Trash a space.
Unarchive(int) Restores a Space from the archive.
Unfollow(int) Unfollow an Space.
Unstar(int) Unstar a Space.
Update(int, string) Update a space.
UpdateInvite(int, int, string) Update an invite.
UpdateMember(int, int, Access) Updates the permission of the specified member.
UpdateSettings(int, bool?) Update a space.

Extension Methods

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