AppController Class


Controller for App objects.

public class AppController : WeavyController
System.Object → WeavyControllerAppController




Add(int) Display page for adding app to a space.
Delete(int) Permanently delete app.
Edit(int) Edit specified app.
EditName(int) Get html for rename app modal.
Get(int, Query) Display start page of the specified app.
Index(int) Display the list of installed apps in the space.
Insert(int, Guid) Insert app into the specified space.
New(int, Guid) Display form for adding a new app to a space.
Rename(int, RenameModel) Rename specified app.
Restore(int) Restore the specified app.
Sort(int, Int32[]) Sorts apps in the specified space.
Trash(int) Trash the specified app.
Update(int) Update specified app.

Extension Methods

IsNullOrDefault(T) Gets a value indicating if the specified value has the default value of the generic type.
Serialize(object) Serializes an object, or graph of connected objects, to a byte array.
SerializeToJson(object, Formatting?, JsonSerializerSettings) Serializes an object, or graph of connected objects, to a json string.
IsValid(object) Determines whether the specified object is valid by evaluating each ValidationAttribute instance that is attached to the object type.