AccountController Class


Controller for managing user accounts.

public class AccountController : WeavyController
System.Object → WeavyControllerAccountController




AddWindows() Display form for adding a windows account to an existing local user.
AddWindows(RegisterWindowsModel) Add a windows account to an existing local user.
Confirm(string) Display form for confirming email adress.
Confirm(string, ConfirmationModel) Confirm email adress.
CreateUserWithWindowsLogin() Create a local account for the current windows user.
EditAccount() Display form for editing the account for the current user.
EditPassword() Display form for changing password for the current user.
EditProfile() Display form for editing the user profile for the current user.
EditSettings() Display form for editing notification settings for the current user.
LinkLogin(LinkLoginModel) Associate an external login with an existing user.
MSOFBA() Page to display after successful authentication with MS-OFBA.
Notify() A view that notifies the parent window when a user signs in / signs out.
RecoverPassword() Display form for recovering lost login information.
RecoverPassword(PasswordRecoveryModel) Send password recovery email.
Register(string) Display form for registering a new account.
Register(string, RegisterModel) Register a new account.
RegisterWindows() Display form for connecting a windows account with a local account.
RemoveLogin(int) Remove a linked account from the current user.
ResetPassword(PasswordResetModel) Reset password.
ResetPassword(string) Display form for resetting password.
SignIn(SignInModel, string) Sign in with forms authentication against local or AD account.
SignIn(string) Display sign in form.
SignInEmbedded() Redirects to this action after provider based sign in from iframe
SignInExternal(string, string) Request a redirect to the external login provider.
SignInExternalCallback(string) Callback method when signing in via external login provider.
SignInToken(SignInTokenModel) Sign in with JSON Web Token.
SignOut(string) Sign out, then redirect to sign in screen.
SignUp() Display sign up form.
SignUp(SignUpModel) Send email with confirmation code.
UpdateAccount(AccountModel) Updates account info for the current user.
UpdatePassword(PasswordModel) Change password for the current user.
UpdateProfile() Updates profile for the current user.
UpdateSettings(UserSettings) Updates user settings for the current user.

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