MessagesController Class


The Messages API allows a user to create private messages between an arbitrary number of people. The Messages API is built around 2 central objects: Conversations and Messages.

public class MessagesController : WeavyApiController
System.Object → WeavyApiControllerMessagesController




AddMembersToConversation(CreateConversationModel) Add members to existing conversation.
Archive(int) Archives a conversation for the current user.
CreateConversation(CreateConversationModel) Create a new or get the existing conversation between the current- and specified user.
Delivered(int) Marks a conversation as delivered for the current user.
FollowConversation(int) Mark a conversation as followed by the current user.
GeConversationWithUser(string) Get the existing, or create a new, one-on-one conversation between the current- and specified user.
Get(int) Get the message with the specified id.
GetConversation(int) Get the conversation with the specified id.
GetConversations(QueryOptions) Get the current user's conversations.
GetMessages(int, Query) Get the messages in the specified conversation.
GetPeople(QueryOptions) Get the current user's conversations with other people.
GetRooms(QueryOptions) Get the current user's chat rooms.
GetUnread(bool, QueryOptions) Get the current user's unread conversations (conversations with unread messages).
InsertMessage(ConversationIn) Posts a new message to the specified recipients (automatically creates a new conversation if needed).
InsertMessage(int, MessageIn) Creates a new message in the specified conversation.
LeaveConversation(int) Leave a conversation.
LeaveConversation(int, int) Removes a user from the conversation.
Like(int) Mark a message as liked by the current user.
Read(int) Marks a conversation as read for the current user.
ReadAll() Mark all conversations for the current user as read.
Star(int) Mark a message as starred by the current user.
StarConversation(int) Mark a conversation as starred by the current user.
UnArchive(int) Unarchives a conversation for the current user.
UnfollowConversation(int) Mark a conversation as unfollowed by the current user.
Unlike(int) Mark a message as unliked by the current user.
UnRead(int) Marks a conversation as unread for the current user.
Unstar(int) Mark a message as unstarred by the current user.
UnstarConversation(int) Mark a conversation as unstarred by the current user.
UpdateConversation(int, CreateConversationModel) Updates a conversation.

Extension Methods

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