Weavy.Web.Api.Controllers Namespace



AttachmentsController The Attachments API has methods for managing attachments.
BlobsController The Blob API has methods for uploading files using multipart/form-data.
CommentsController Comments are made by users on different objects such as posts or items. Comments are very similar to posts and messages, they can have attachments, be liked etc.
ContentController The Content API allows a user to manage content.
EmbedsController The Embeds API converts standard URLs into embedded videos, images and rich article previews. The api returns data in the oEmbed format. See <a href="http://oembed.com/">http://oembed.com/</a> for details.
MessagesController The Messages API allows a user to create private messages between an arbitrary number of people. The Messages API is built around 2 central objects: Conversations and Messages.
NotificationsController The Notifications API allow users to manage their notifications.
OAuthController The OAuth API is used to obtain an OAuth 2 Bearer Token which can be used to make API request.
PostsController A Post is the central object you see in the stream. It has rich text and annotations. It can be liked, starred, commented etc. Posts are closely tied to the follow graph, if you would like to send private messages you should look at the Messages API.
RolesController A user can be a member of zero or more roles.
SearchController Provides API search functionality.
SpacesController A space is a work area. Apps, Items, Posts and other things all exists in the context of a space. Users can be members of a space which give them certain permissions.
UsersController The Users API has methods for manipulating users. Each user has a profile that holds all the personal details of the user. This includes basic information like the name and email address, but can also include other properties like phone number etc.
WeavyApiController Abstract base class for API controllers.
WeavyClientApiController api for adding and removing user specific bubbles