SpaceService Class


Service layer for Space objects.

public static class SpaceService
System.Object → SpaceService


ConversationsId The id of the Conversations space.
SystemId The id of the System space.


AddMember(int, int, Access, bool) Add a User as member of the specified Space.
Archive(int) Archives a Space.
Delete(int, bool) Permanently deletes a Space.
Get(int, bool) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetAdmins(int, QueryOptions) Gets the users that are admins of the space.
GetByName(string, bool) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetByPermission(Permission) Gets Spaces where the current User has the specified permission.
GetByTeamname(string, bool) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetHQ(bool) Gets the space flagged as the "Company HQ".
GetJoined(int?, bool) Gets all spaces where the specified User is member.
GetMember(int, int) Gets the specified space member.
GetMembers(int, MemberQuery) Get the members in the specified Space.
HasPendingMembershipRequest(int, int?) Gets a value indicating whether the current user has a pending membership request for the specified space.
Insert(Space) Inserts a Space object into the repository.
Join(int) Adds the current User as Member of the specified Space.
Leave(int) Removes the current User from the specified Space.
MakeAdmin(int) Make current User admin in the specified Space.
RemoveMember(int, int) Removes a Member from the specified Space.
Restore(int) Restored a Space from the trash.
ReviewMember(int, int, Access, bool, bool) Approves or denies a request to join a space.
Search(SpaceQuery) Performs a search according to the specified SpaceQuery object.
SetHQ(int?) Sets the "Company HQ".
Trash(int) Moves a Space to the trash.
Unarchive(int) Restores a Space from the archive.
Update(Space, bool) Updates a Space object in the repository.
UpdateMember(int, int, Access) Updates a Member in the specified Space with new permissions.