NotificationService Class


Service layer for Notification objects.

public static class NotificationService
System.Object → NotificationService


Get(int, bool) Gets an Notification object.
GetBadge(int, bool, bool) Gets the number to display on the badge for the specified user.
GetBadges(int) Get the badge values for conversations and notifications.
GetUnread(int?, NotificationQuery) Gets the unread notifications for a user. The notifications are sorted with the most recent notification first.
Insert(Notification) Inserts a notification.
ReadAll(int, int?) Sets the read status to true for all the users notifications. Optionally the id of the last viewed notification could be passed in, so that not viewed notifications are not marked as read.
Search(NotificationQuery) Search notifications with the specified search criteria.
Update(Notification, bool) Updates the specified Notification.