InviteService Class


Service layer for Invite objects.

public static class InviteService
System.Object → InviteService


Approve(int) Approves the invite with the specified id, also sends email with registration info to specified email address.
Delete(int, bool) Removes an invite from the repo.
Delete(string, bool) Removes all invites with the specified email address from the repo.
Get(int) Gets an Invite from the repository.
Get(string) Gets an Invite from the repository.
Invite(IEnumerable, int?) Invite people to the specified Space.
Invite(string, int?) Invite a person to the specified Space.
Resend(int) Resend the specified Invite via email.
Search(InviteQuery) Performs a search according to the specified InviteQuery object.
SignUp(string) Create pending sign up awating email verification.
Update(Invite) Update the specified Invite.
Verify(string) Verifies the email address in the specified Invite.