ConversationRepo Class


Repot for Conversation objects.

public static class ConversationRepo
System.Object → ConversationRepo


Delete(int) Permanently deletes the Conversation.
Get(int, int?) Gets a Conversation object from the repository.
GetMember(int, int) Returns a space Member.
GetMembers(int, QueryOptions) Returns the members of the Conversation.
GetOneOnOne(int, int) Gets an existing one-on-one Conversation between 2 people from the repository.
Insert(Conversation) Inserts a Conversation object into the repository.
ReadAll(int) Mark all a users' conversations as read.
RemoveMember(int, int) Removes a User from the specified Conversation.
Search(ConversationQuery) Performs a search according to the specified ConversationQuery object.
SetArchived(int, int, DateTime?) Sets a value indicating if the Conversation is archived.
SetDelivered(int, int, DateTime?) Sets a value indicating when the last message in the conversation was delivered to the specified user.
SetNotified(int, int, DateTime?) Marks a Conversation as notified.
SetRead(int, int, DateTime?) Sets a value indicating when the Conversation was read.
Update(Conversation) Updates an existing Conversation in the datasource.
UpsertMember(int, int, Access) Insert or update the specified User as a member in the specified Conversation.