Weavy.Core.Repos Namespace



AppRepo Repo for App objects.
AttachmentRepo Repo for attachments.
BlobRepo Repo for blobs.
BubbleRepo Repo for Bubble objects.
CommentRepo Repo for Comment objects.
ConnectionRepo Repo for Connection objects.
ContentRepo Repo for Content objects.
ConversationRepo Repot for Conversation objects.
EmbedRepo Repo for Embed objects.
EntityRepo Repo for entities.
ExternalLinkRepo Repo for ExternalLink objects.
IntsHandler Type handler for mapping list of ints to/from comma separated string.
InviteRepo Repo for invites.
LogEntryRepo Repo for log entries.
LoginRepo Repo for logins.
MessageRepo Repo for messages.
NotificationRepo Repo for notifications.
PluginRepo Repo for plugins.
PostRepo Repo for posts.
RoleRepo Repo for roles.
SettingRepo Repo for settings.
SpaceRepo Repo for spaces.
SqlHelper Various helper methods for database access.
StatisticsRepo Repo for usage statistics.
StringsHandler Type handler for mapping list of strings to/from comma separated string.
TokensHandler Type handler for mapping twitter text token to/from json.
UserRepo Repo for users.