SystemStatus Enum


Defines the current system status.

public enum SystemStatus : byte


ConfigurationInvalid Indicates that invalid configuration settings were detected.
DatabaseVersionInvalid Indicates that the database version does not match the expected system version (resolved by upgrading the database or downgrading the application).
Error Indicates an error that prevents the system from running, e.g. exception during startup, could not connect to database etc.
LicenseError Indicates that there is something wrong with the license, i.e. invalid key and/or signature (resolved by registering a valid license).
LicenseInvalid Indicates that the license is invalid, i.e. expired and/or not allowed (resolved by updating the license).
Ok Status is A-OK ;)
Ready Indicates that the system is ready for the setup wizard.
Setup Indicates that the system is currently running the setup wizard.
Unknown Status is unknown or has not been set.