JobOptions Enum


Allows you to customize how IO is handled

public enum JobOptions


BufferEntireSourceStream The source stream will be copied into a memory-based stream so the original stream can be closed earlier. Required if you are writing to the same file you are reading from.
CreateParentDirectory When a filename is specified, instructs ResizeJob to create any needed parent folder levels
LeaveSourceStreamOpen Instructs ResizeJob to leave the source stream open even after it is no longer needed for the job.
LeaveTargetStreamOpen Instructs ResizeJob to leave the target stream open after it is finished writing. Make sure you close it externally!
PreserveTargetBitmap Instructs ResizeJob to preserve the target bitmap (will cause mem leak unless disposed externally)
RewindSourceStream The source stream will be rewound to its original position after it is used. (Useful for reusing a stream or HttpFileUpload) Implies LeaveSourceStreamOpen