Weavy.Core.Helpers Namespace



AsyncHelper Provides helper method to call awaitable methods from a synchronous environment. https://stackoverflow.com/a/40120697
CollectionExtensions Helper and extension methods for collections.
ColorExtensions Helper class for working with colors.
ContentExtensions Extension methods for Content objects.
ConversionHelper Helper and extension methods for converting objects betwwen different representations.
CryptoHelper Helper class for encypting/decrypting text .
CultureHelper Contains helper methods for various culture related things.
DateTimeExtensions Helper and extension methods for dates and times.
Emojione Helper class for converting emoji to different formats.
EntityExtensions Helper methods for entities.
EnumExtensions Helper methods for enums.
ExpandoExtensions Extension methods for expando objects.
FileConversionHelper Helper methods for working with file conversion.
FileHelper Helper class for handling file and folder tasks.
HashHelper Helper methods for calculating and verifying hash values.
HtmlExtensions Helper and extension methods for parsing, formatting, and validating HTML.
HttpDownloader A helper class for downloading text over http which supports gzip and checks encoding header (and meta tags) in order to decode it correctly. Adapted from http://stackoverflow.com/a/2700707.
IdentityExtensions Extensions making it easier to get claims off of an identity.
JwtHelper Helper class for encoding and decoding JWT tokens. See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7519 and https://www.iana.org/assignments/jwt/jwt.xhtml.
LinkAttributeModifier Modifies links for our purposes.
NumberExtensions Helper class for formatting numbers.
OfficeHelper Helper class for converting to and from Microsoft Office files.
PluginExtensions Extension methods for plugins.
PostExtensions Extension methods for Post objects.
PropertyExtensions Extension methods for Property and PropertyInfo.
RazorHelper Helper methods for executing razor templates.
SerializationExtensions Helper and extension methods for serializing and deserializing objects.
StringExtensions Helper and extension methods for manipulating strings.
StringLocker A simple class for locking on strings.
TweetExtensions Extension methods for extracting @mentions and #hashtags etc. from strings.
UrlHelper Contains helper methods for generating urls to various model objects.
UserExtensions Helper methods for users.
ValidationHelper Helper and extension methods for validating objects.


FileConversionFormat Defines the different formats that the FileConversionHelper understands.