DavFile Class


Represents a file in WebDAV repository.

public class DavFile : DavItem, ILockAsync, IFileAsync, IHierarchyItemAsync, IContentAsync
System.Object → DavItemDavFile


DavFile(DavContext, IEntity, String) Initializes a new instance of the DavFile class.


ContentLength Gets the size of the file content in bytes.
ContentType Gets the media type of the file.
Etag Gets entity tag - string that identifies current state of resource's content. More information about etags is available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_ETag You can return here either cheksum or hash or counter which increases with every modification.


CopyToAsync(IItemCollectionAsync, String, Boolean, MultistatusException) Copies this file to another folder.
DeleteAsync(MultistatusException) Deletes this file.
MoveToAsync(IItemCollectionAsync, String, MultistatusException)
ReadAsync(Stream, Int64, Int64) Writes the content of the file to the specified stream.
WriteAsync(Stream, String, Int64, Int64) Saves the content of the file from the specified stream to the WebDAV repository.

Extension Methods

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