MessengerController Class


public class MessengerController : WeavyController
System.Object → WeavyControllerMessengerController




Archived() Display list of archived conversations.
Conversation(Int32, Query) Display specified conversation.
CreateRoom(String, IEnumerable) Create a new room conversation.
DrawerMessage(UserQuery) Returns html for the new message drawer, i.e. a list of user matching the search
DrawerRoomMembers(UserQuery, Int32[]) Returns html for the new room members drawer.
GetConversationWithUser(Int32) Get the existing, or create a new, one-on-one conversation between the current- and specified user.
Index() Display list of active conversations.
Messages(Int32, Query) Display messages for specified conversation.
PartialConversation(Int32, Boolean) Returns the specified conversation.
PartialDetails(Int32) Returns the specified conversation details.
PartialList(Nullable) Returns the conversations list.
PartialMessage(Int32) Returns the specified message.
PartialUser(Int32) Returns the specified user profile.
Search(ConversationQuery) Search conversations.
UpdateRoom(Int32, String) Update room name.
UpdateUserProfile() Update user profile.

Extension Methods

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