PostsController Class


A Post is the central object you see in the stream. It has rich text and annotations. It can be liked, starred, commented etc. Posts are closely tied to the follow graph, if you would like to send private messages you should look at the Messages API.

public class PostsController : WeavyApiController
System.Object → WeavyApiControllerPostsController




Delete(Int32) Delete the post with the specified id.
Follow(Int32) Follow a post.
Get(Int32) Get the post with the specified id.
GetPosts(Int32, Query) Retrieves the stream of posts in an app.
Insert(Int32, PostIn) Creates a new post in the specified app.
Like(Int32) Mark a post as liked by the current user.
Pin(Int32) Pin a post.
Restore(Int32) Restores a post from the trash.
Star(Int32) Mark a post as starred by the current user.
Trash(Int32) Trash a post.
Unfollow(Int32) Unfollow a post.
Unlike(Int32) Mark a post as unliked by the current user.
Unpin(Int32) Unpin a post.
Unstar(Int32) Mark a post as unstarred by the current user.
Update(Int32, PostUp) Updates a post.
Vote(Int32, Int32) Vote for an option in a poll.

Extension Methods

IsNullOrDefault(T) Gets a value indicating if the specified value has the default value of the generic type.
Serialize(Object) Serializes an object, or graph of connected objects, to a byte array.
SerializeToJson(Object, Nullable, JsonSerializerSettings) Serializes an object, or graph of connected objects, to a json string.
IsValid(Object) Determines whether the specified object is valid by evaluating each ValidationAttribute instance that is attached to the object type.