SpaceRepo Class


Repo for spaces.

public static class SpaceRepo
System.Object → SpaceRepo


Archive(Int32) Archived a space, i.e. sets the IsArchived flag.
Delete(Int32) Permanently deletes a Space.
Get(Int32) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetByName(String) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetByTeamname(String) Gets a Space object from the repository.
GetHQ() Gets the HQ Space from the repository.
GetMember(Int32, Int32) Returns a space Member.
GetMembers(Int32, MemberQuery) Returns the User that are members of the Space.
Insert(Space) Inserts a Space object into the repository.
RemoveMember(Int32, Int32) Removes a User from the specified Space.
Restore(Int32) Restores a trashed Space and its descendants, i.e. clears the IsTrashed flag.
Search(SpaceQuery) Performs a search according to the specified SpaceQuery object.
SetHQ(Nullable) Set the HQ.
Trash(Int32) Trashes a space, i.e. sets the IsTrashed flag.
Unarchive(Int32) Unarchive a space, i.e. clears the IsArchived flag.
Update(Space) Updates an existing Space in the datasource.
UpsertMember(Int32, Int32, Access) Insert or update the specified User as a member in the specified Space.