PostRepo Class


Repo for posts.

public static class PostRepo
System.Object → PostRepo


Delete(Int32) Permanently deletes a Post object from the repository.
Get(Int32) Gets a Post object from the repository.
GetOption(Int32) Gets the specified PollOption.
GetOptions(Int32) Gets a list of PollOption for the specified Post.
Insert(Post) Inserts a Post object into the repository.
Pin(Int32, Int32) Pin the specified post.
Restore(Int32) Restores a trashed Post, i.e. clears the IsTrashed flag.
Search(PostQuery) Performs a search according to the specified PostQuery object.
SelectOption(Int32, Int32) Select the specified poll option.
SetOptions(Int32, IEnumerableOption>) Set poll options for the specified poll/post. Note that this will replace existing options.
Trash(Int32) Trashes a Post, i.e. sets the IsTrashed flag.
Unpin(Int32) Unpin the specified post.
Update(Post) Updates an existing Post in the datasource.
UpdateOptions(Int32, IEnumerableOption>) Update the poll options for the specified poll/post.