EntityRepo Class


Repo for entities.

public static class EntityRepo
System.Object → EntityRepo


DeleteDeleted(IEntity) Delete deleted entity from the repository.
Follow(IEntity, Int32) Follows an entity.
GetDeleted() Gets recently deleted entities from the repository.
GetLikeCount() Gets the total number of likes in the system.
GetMentions(IEntity) Gets the list of mentions for the given entity.
GetStarCount() Gets the total number of stars in the system.
GetTagCount(Boolean) Gets the total number of tags in the system.
GetTags(IEntity) Gets the list of tags for the given entity.
GetViewCount(IEntity, Boolean) Gets the number of views for the specified entity.
Like(IEntity, Int32) Likes an entity.
Search(EntityQuery) Performs a search according to the specified EntityQuery object.
Search(TrashQuery) Returns a list of trashed entities from the recycle bin matching the supplied query.
SetMentions(IEntity, IEnumerable, IEnumerable) Store the mentions for an entity.
SetTags(IEntity, IEnumerable) Set tags for the specified entity.
Star(IEntity, Int32) Star an entity.
Unfollow(IEntity, Int32) Unfollows an entity.
Unlike(IEntity, Int32) Unlikes an entity.
Unstar(IEntity, Int32) Unstar an entity.
ViewAsync(IEntity, Int32) Marks the specified entity as viewed.