ContentRepo Class


Repo for Content objects.

public static class ContentRepo
System.Object → ContentRepo


Backup(Int32) Copies the current Content item to the the version history.
Delete(Int32) Permanently deletes a Content item from the repository.
Delete(Int32, Int64) Permanently deletes the specified Content version.
Discard(Int32) Permanently deletes a draft.
Get(Int32) Gets the specified Content from the repository.
Get(Int32, Int64) Gets a specified Content version from the repository.
GetAncestors(Int32) Get ancestors of the specified Content, starting with the closest parent and ending with the root item.
GetDescendants(Int32, Nullable) Returns the descendants of a content item. The apps are sorted like a tree.
GetDraft(Int32) Gets a draft from the repository.
GetHierarchy(Int32, Nullable) Returns the content hierarchy in the specified App sorted like a tree.
GetSiblingByName(Content) Gets an Content item by name from the repository (used to check for duplicates before insert/update).
GetVersions(Int32) Gets the version history for an Content item.
Insert(Content, Nullable, Nullable) Inserts a Content item the repository.
Lock(Int32, Int32) Lock a content item for edit.
Move(Content) Moves an Content item and its descendants to the scecified destination.
Restore(Int32) Restores a Content item from the trash.
Search(ContentQuery) Performs a search according to the specified ContentQuery object.
Trash(Int32) Trash a Content item.
Unlock(Int32) Unlock an item.
Update(Content, Content, Content) Updates a Content item in the repository.