BlobRepo Class


Repo for blobs.

public static class BlobRepo
System.Object → BlobRepo


BUFFER_SIZE The buffersize used when uploading/downloading binary data from the database
COMMAND_TIMEOUT The command timeout (in seconds) to use when uploading/downloading blobs from the database.


Delete(Blob) Permanently removes blob metadata from the repository.
DownloadThumb(Blob, Stream) Writes the thumbnail data of the file to the specified output stream.
Get(IEnumerable) Get the specified blobs.
Get(Int32) Get the specified blob.
Get(String) Get the specified blob.
GetOrphanedBlobs() Returns blobs that are not connected to anything.
GetPendingBlobs() Returns blobs that have not yet been uploaded to persistent storage.
GetPendingText() Returns blobs that have not been processed for text extraction.
GetPendingThumbs() Returns blobs that do not have thumbnails.
GetSize() Gets the size, in bytes, of all blobs in the repository.
GetText(Int32) Gets the extracted text for indexing.
HasThumb(Blob) Checks if the specified blob has any thumbnail data.
Insert(Blob) Inserts a Blob object into the repository.
SetText(Int32, String) Sets the extracted text for indexing.
SetThumb(Int32) Mark thumb as created.
SetUploaded(Int32) Marks the blob as uploaded.
Update(Blob) Updates an existing Blob in the datasource.
UploadThumb(Int32, Stream) Uploads thumb data to the repo.