LuceneIndexProvider Class


Lucene provider to index operations. Allows to Insert/Delete items to the search index. Remember to call Initialize before first usage.

public class LuceneIndexProvider : IIndexProvider, IProvider, IExtension
System.Object → LuceneIndexProvider
IIndexProvider, IProvider, IExtension




Count() Gets the number of entities in the index.
Delete(IEntity) Delete an entity from the fulltext index.
Get(IEntity) Get an IndexDocument from the fulltext index.
GetLastIndexed(EntityType) Gets the timestamp of the last indexed item.
Initialize(NameValueCollection) Initialize the LuceneIndexProvider with the provided settings.
Insert(IEnumerable) Add a list of entities to the fulltext index.
Optimize() Optimize the index.
Search(Query, String) Search the fulltext index with the specified Query.
SetLastIndexed(EntityType, Int64) Sets the timestamp of the last indexed item.
Size() Gets the size of the fulltext index.

Extension Methods

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