LogEntryType Enum


The log entry types, used for entries in the system event log etc.

public enum LogEntryType


Added A user was added to a space or event.
Approved An invite was approved.
Attached A file was attached.
Changed Entity avatar changed.
Commented Commented on an item.
Copied A user copied an item.
Created An entity was created.
Deleted An entity was deleted.
Edited An item, post or comment was edited.
Followed An entity was followed.
Invited A user was invited.
Joined A user joined a space or event.
Left A user left a space, conversation or event.
Liked An entity was liked.
Mentioned A user or space was @mentioned.
Modified An entity was modified.
Moved A user moved an item to a new destination.
Posted A message was posted in a stream.
Removed A user was removed from a space or event.
Replied Replied to a post.
RequestedMembership A user requested membership to a closed space.
ResetPassword A users password was reset.
Restored A user restored a trashed entity.
Reverted A user reverted an item to a previous version.
SendMail An email was sent.
Shared Someone shared en entity with another user.
SignedIn A user signed in.
SignedOut A user signed out.
Trashed A user trashed an entity.
Unfollowed An entity was unfollowed.
Updated A user updated his/her profile.
Uploaded A file was uploaded.
Verified A user verified his/her email.
Voted A user voted for an option in a poll.