Emojione Class


Helper class for converting emoji to different formats.

public static class Emojione
System.Object → Emojione


AsciiToShortname(String) Converts ascii emoji to shortname, e.g. :) -> :smile:
AsciiToUnicode(String) Converts ascii emoji to unicode, e.g. :) -> 😄
GetImage(String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) Get image markup for specified emoji.
ImageToShortname(String) Takes input containing emoji images and converts it to emoji shortnames.
ShortnameToAscii(String) This will replace shortnames with their ascii equivalent, e.g. :wink: -> ;). This is useful for systems that don't support unicode or images.
ShortnameToImage(String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) Takes input containing emoji shortnames and converts it to emoji images.
ShortnameToUnicode(String, Boolean) Converts shortname emojis to unicode, useful for sending emojis back to mobile devices.
ToImage(String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) Takes an input string containing both native unicode emoji and shortnames, and translates it into emoji images for display.
ToShort(String) Converts unicode emoji to shortnames.
UnicodeToImage(String, Boolean, Boolean) Takes native unicode emoji input, such as that from your mobile device, and outputs image markup.
UnifyUnicode(String, Boolean) Unifies all emoji to their standard unicode types.