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The core class for a Weavy Widget.


alert WeavyWidget.plugins.alert

Plugin for displaying alert messages.

attach WeavyWidget.plugins.attach

Filepicker plugin for attaching from Google, O365, Dropbox etc. It listens to request:origin messages from frames and responds to the source with a origin message containing the window.location.origin.

This plugin has no exposed properties or options.

authentication WeavyWidget.plugins.authentication

Plugin for signing in and out

badge WeavyWidget.plugins.badge

Plugin for displaying badges/dots

bubbles WeavyWidget.plugins.bubbles

State machine for bubbles.

context WeavyWidget.plugins.context

Handles location changes and context features. Adds connect and disconnect buttons to bubble icons in the dock.

dock WeavyWidget.plugins.dock

The main dock containing bubble buttons and panel managment.

fallback WeavyWidget.plugins.fallback

Displaying panels in a popup window when frames are blocked. It handles when widget.isBlocked is true. If a weavy browser extenstion is active it will try to use it for managing the popup window.

messenger WeavyWidget.plugins.messenger

Plugin for handling the Weavy Messenger. It also adds the messenger to the dock and displays unread conversations.

notifications WeavyWidget.plugins.notifications

Displays notifications in the context window. The notifications are placed in the widget.nodes.overlay.

panels WeavyWidget.plugins.panels

Creating and handling panels that has frames for app pages. Panels are mostly automatically managed and preloaded when needed.

personal WeavyWidget.plugins.personal

Personal panel with user propfile, notifications, stars and drafts.

position WeavyWidget.plugins.position

Collapsing dock and drag'n'drop positioning

preview WeavyWidget.plugins.preview

Displaying photoswipe and pdfs in the full browser window.

sso WeavyWidget.plugins.sso

Single sign on authentication. Configure weavy for single sign on then provide your jwt via this plugin to sign in automatically. The widget.load event waits for sso to complete before it is fired.

start WeavyWidget.plugins.start

The Weavy start page, which serves as Open/Search/Home/People/Spaces.

theme WeavyWidget.plugins.theme

Inject additional styles into the sealed widget shadow dom. You may define styles by either setting widget plugin options or by injecting them via addStyles

upgrade WeavyWidget.plugins.upgrade

Checks if widget needs to be upgraded on options event.