About the Weavy Management Portal

The Weavy Management Portal is the application that is used to programmatically deploy Weavy instances to your Azure environment. The Weavy Management Portal simplifies the task of deploying, configuring, backing up, upgrading and handling other aspects of your Weavy offer.

The Management Portal is installed as an App Service in your Azure environment.


Deploying a Weavy instance in Azure consists of a number of tasks:

  • Creating and configuring the appropriate Azure resources (App Services, SQL Databases etc.)
  • Deploying the code
  • Configuring (host names, SSL etc.)
  • Configuring Weavy (theming, SMTP, license etc.)

All these tasks are carried out by the Weavy Management Portal. It uses Azure Management Libraries for .Net to manage Azure resources and internal API:s to configure Weavy.

The Weavy Management Portal handles your Azure resources effectively by packing as many resources as possible together, without sacrificing performance, to keep your Azure running cost down.

For deployed installations, The Weavy Management Portal will simplify tasks like upgrading, backing up and deleting sites.