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Weavy 2.0.4

This release fixes a couple of minor issues.

Weavy 2.0.3

This release fixes an issue where a full page reload was required after signing in from the widget.

Weavy 2.0.2

This release fixes a couple of minor issues.

Weavy 2.0.1

This release fixes a couple of minor issues.

Weavy 2.0.0

Weavy 2.0 introduces the Weavy SDK, allowing developers to extend Weavy with additional functionality.

Weavy 1.1.0

With Weavy 1.1 it is now possible to add files from cloud file providers such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox and Box. You can also create new Google drive files from Weavy without having to leave the context that you are working in.

Weavy 1.1 also gives you more possibilities when connecting a specific bubble to a web page url. You can choose between the domain (as in Weavy 1.0) or a specific path.

When creating posts, comments and new messages in the chat, we have now added a possibility to attach the current web page that you are working on as a context link. This gives the reader of the post, comment or message a link to where the content actually was created.

Weavy 1.0.1

A patch release that fixes some minor issues.

Weavy 1.0.0

This is the very first release of Weavy. Weavy is a complete framework for collaboration embedded into the apps and tools your organization uses every day.

Embed our Drop-In UI into your browser or individual apps with one simple script or extension. Then choose your Building Blocks or create a deeper integration with our API that will be available in later Weavy updates.