Installing Weavy

Weavy is truly flexible when it comes to installation and deployment options. Depending on what suits you best, you can install Weavy in the cloud (on our servers) or on-premises (on your own servers). A third option is to install Weavy in your own Azure environment.

Weavy Cloud

We'll host Weavy for you

You will have Weavy setup and running in minutes. A good option if you are eager to try Weavy.

Installation instructions

On Premises

Host Weavy locally

Download and install Weavy on your own Windows server.

Installation instructions

Microsoft Azure

Deploy Weavy to your Azure environment

Run Weavy in your Azure environment and get all the benefits of a truly distributed and scalable environment!

Installation instructions

What’s the best installation option for me?

It all depends. Weavy Cloud gets you going in minutes, and is the best option for most people. Installing Weavy on-prem lets you manage everything on your own, and is best if you want total control. Finally, Microsoft Azure gives you a truly distributed and scalable environment which is a great advantage when you want to grow. If you don’t know what to choose, go for Weavy Cloud.

Weavy mobile apps

In addition to installing Weavy on your server you might also wan’t to tell your users to get the Weavy mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Upgrading Weavy

Upgrading to a new version of Weavy is normally a simple and straightforward process. But depending on where your Weavy installation is hosted the instructions are slighty different.