Troubleshoot Weavy errors

Your first step in troubleshooting Weavy errors should always be to look at the log files. More often than not they contain a good hint to what’s wrong. Another thing you could do is examine the Windows Logs/Application events available in the Windows Event Viewer.

Weavy can’t find my extension(s)

If Weavy wasn’t able to discover your extension, please check that you have taken all of the steps below:

  • Your extension class inherits one of the built-in extension base classes: Weavy.Core.Models.App, Weavy.Core.Models.ItemBase, Weavy.Core.Models.FolderBase, Weavy.Core.Models.FileBase, Weavy.Core.Models.Daemon, Weavy.Core.Models.Hook, Weavy.Core.Models.ProfileBase, Weavy.Core.Models.Tool.
  • Your extension class is decorated with the [Serializable] attribute.
  • Your extension is decorated with the [Guid] attribute AND the specified Guid is unique.
  • You have added your extension assembly (the assembly containing your extension classes) to the <modules> element in web.config.
      <add name="Wvy" />

Notifications are not always delivered

Weavy uses the WebSockets protocol for some communication and if your machine does not have this enabled you will have various problems such as notifications not being delivered etc.

To verify that WebSockets is enabled, you should search for Turn Windows features on or off in your system. Click Internet Information Services and check that the WebSocket Protocol is enabled.