Log files

If you can sign in to Weavy with admin privileges you can access the application log files from the manage section by going to /manage/logs. If you can’t sign in to Weavy, the log files are also stored on the web server disk in the App_Data\Logs folder.

Log level

Depending on your preferencs you might want to change the number of events being logged to the log file. Weavy supports the following log levels:

  • Trace - very detailed logs, this log level is typically only enabled during development.
  • Debug - debugging information, less detailed than trace, typically not enabled in production environment.
  • Info - information messages, which are normally enabled in production environment.
  • Warn - warning messages, typically for non-critical issues, which can be recovered or which are temporary failures.
  • Error - error messages.
  • Fatal - very serious errors!

To change the log level you should edit the web.config file and set the minlevel attribute to one of the above values.

<logger name="Weavy.*" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="file" />