The Weavy developer platform

The Weavy developer platform makes it easy to extend Weavy with custom functionality. In these topics, you’ll find the information you need to bring your content, apps, and services into Weavy and make them available to your team (or the teams of your customers).

Get started

Develop and deploy your first extension and understand how extensions work in Weavy.


Learn more about creating Weavy extensions, and find everything you need to know about the entire range of capabilities in Weavy: apps, content types, daemons, hooks, tools, and more.


Look here for the steps and guidelines on how to build and deploy your customized Weavy solution to the management portal.


Follow these steps to update your solution whenever there is a new release of Weavy.


If your extension isn’t behaving as expected, check here.


Take a look at some of our examples to learn more how to build stuff in Weavy