The posts app is for short status updates and announcements. It contains features such as file and image attachments, emoji, polls, comments and embedding links.

Type: Posts
Full type: Weavy.Core.Models.Posts
Guid: 5ebfa152-de85-48da-82dd-30a1b560c313


To create a new posts app from the client, you use the Object definifion syntax to create it. You need to specify key, type and optionally the container where to place it and a name.

var weavy = new Weavy();
var posts ="my_space_key").app({ 
    key: "my_posts_key", 
    name: "Posts",
    type: "posts", 
    container: "#mypostscontainer" 


When writing a post you have automatic text transformations for :emojis: @mentions #tags and [quick links] as you type.

Images, docs and files

You can attach multiple images to a post which will display the first three images on the post and then a preview overlay to display all the images. Documents and pdfs are also displayed in an preview overlay and other files are attached with an icon in a list on the post. You may paste images to attach them directly.

You can also attach files from external providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box. These files will be displayed as an attachment and if a preview is available it will be shown in an overlay. Otherwise, clicking on an external file will link to the provider and display the file in a new window.

When providing an url in the post, the url is resolved to fetch data about the link and display it attached to the post. If the link has rich media, such as a youtube video, the media is displayed with the post.


Polls with up to 10 options may be added to the post. The users may engage and vote on the results and the results are visible instantly on the post.

User engagement

Users may like, star and comment all posts.


Posts of special interest can be pinned to keep them in top of the post stream.