The comments app is for adding contextual comments to different entities in your application. It contains features such as emoji and attachments.

Type: Comments
Full type: Weavy.Core.Models.Comments
Guid: 88f96a08-c6c1-4eac-a0bd-5bf8fba1a3fd


To create a new comments app from the client, you use the Object definifion syntax to create it. You need to specify key, type and optionally the container where to place it and a name.

var weavy = new Weavy();
var posts ="my_space_key").app({ 
    key: "my_comments_key", 
    name: "Comments",
    type: "comments", 
    container: "#mycommentscontainer" 


When writing a comment you have automatic text transformations for :emojis: @mentions #tags and [quick links] as you type.


You can attach multiple files to a comment. Attached files can can be previewed by clicking on them.

User engagement

Users can like and star comments.