Cost Estimate

This topic aims to give you a basic idea on the costs associated with hosting Weavy tenants in Azure.

Making cost estimations is hard, but instead of just saying "it depends" (which it does) we want to try to give you an idea of the cost, based on our experience.

Baseline cost

  • 1 App Service Plan p1v2. $146 / month
  • 1 Storage Account Premium. $8 / month

Total baseline cost
Approx. $154 / month. See detailed calculation

Each tenant that you add will incur an additonal cost of +$15 / month (1 database, tier S0 / per tenant).

Approx. cost for 10 tenants
$154 + ($15 * 10) = approx. $304 / month. See detailed calculation

As you are adding tenants, we recommend that you scale up the App Service plan to p3v2 to meet the increased demand.

We have successfully hosted around 400 tenants with this setup. But again, there is no guarantee that will be possible in all cases, and in some cases you can probably add even more tenants.

* All prices in Azure per Dec 2019.