Changelog for Tenant SDK

  • Increased fault handling when extracting builds during deployment.
  • Major refactoring for the new Tenant SDK
  • Increased robustness and retry handling for all Azure related tasks (deployments, backups etc.)
  • Support for configuring Weavy to use Azure Blob Storage for persisting files instead of database.
    (Make sure you specify the value for the new setting - UseBlobStorage: 1 = blob storage, 0 = sql datbase)
  • Minor changes and performance improvements.
  • Database refactoring.
  • Scheduled tasks for syncing version and Azure App information.
  • Upgrade helper for managing database upgrades.
  • Added API documentation.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added security when creating first user.
  • Added API for ClientCredentials flow.
  • Jobs for tracking progress and events.
  • Added user handling for local accounts as well as external providers.
  • Deployment Manager and API now uses Identity Server for authentication.
  • Ability to download the publishing profile from the tenant details view.
  • All required settings are validated on app startup.
  • Custom hostname and SSL are now optional.