Deploy to a Trial Tenant

This topic shows you how to deploy your code to a trial tenant that you have setup in our cloud. This can be useful if you need your project be accessed from the internet during development.

After you create your trial you will recieve the information you need to publish your code to your trial tenant.


Start by forking or cloning the Visual studio solution as described in this getting started article.

Download the publishing profile for your trial. You will get the link from us when you setup your trial.

Import Publishing Profile

Open the publish modal from solution explorer.

Right click your project in Solution Explorer and click Publish....

The publish modal.

In the modal that opens up, click Import Profile... and select the .PublishSettings file you downloaded earlier.

Edit publish setting

Edit the publish settings you just imported and make sure you enable Remove additional files at destination in the File Publish Options section.

Change publish setting

Save the profile.

You can now publish your forked or cloned solution to your trial installation.