Local accounts

The standard built-in authentication method is username/password authentication against local user accounts. That means that user accounts and (hashed) passwords are stored in the Weavy database.

Local users can be invited and/or created by an administrator in the Weavy user interface, users can also sign up for accounts from the sign in page (if that feature is enabled).

Password recovery

When Weavy is configured to use local user accounts it is possible to recover a lost password by clicking the "Recover password" link on the sign in page.


The following settings are required for Weavy to use authentication with local user accounts.

Web server

The Weavy website in IIS must be configured with the following settings:

Anonymous Authentication = Enabled
Forms Authentication = Disabled
Windows Authentication = Disabled


The web.config file should have the following configuration:

    <authentication mode="None" />