Weavy SDK

The Weavy SDK makes it easy to embed Weavy into your app and/or extend Weavy with custom functionality. Before starting out it could be useful to understand a bit more about what you can do with different SDKs and when you would use one over the other.

Client SDK

The client SDK is a javascript library for embedding Weavy into any (web based) application. It can be used to embed one or more individual components such as comments, files and tasks. Another common use-case is combining several components for more advanced scenarios.

Server SDK

The server SDK is a ASP.NET/C# solution that can be used to completely customize individual Weavy components (both look and feel and functionality). It can also be used to add new components and/or extend Weavy with all kinds of new functionality such as custom Apps, Content Types, Daemons etc.

Mobile SDK

The mobile SDK is a fully functional and feature complete mobile app built with Xamarin.Forms that can be used as a boilerplate for your own mobile app.