Client SDK

Before using the Client SDK, you must setup a Weavy server environment (if you haven't already).

The Weavy Client SDK is a javascript library that you add to your existing app or website. The library enables you to quickly add collaboration features such as messaging, document collaboration, and more to your application. Another common use-case is combining several components for more advanced scenarios.

To get a better understanding of the client SDK there are some important concepts that you should be aware of.

Weavy instance

The Weavy instance is the main entry point used when embedding Weavy. It sets up a connection to a Weavy server and handles realtime communication, event distribution, and more.

Embedding Weavy into an application starts with adding a reference to the Weavy javascript file and initializing a new Weavy instance:

<script src="weavy.js"></script>
<script>var weavy = new Weavy();</script>