In order to deploy a new or upgrade an existing Weavy instance, you will need a deployment package. The package contains the files and database scripts needed to deploy or upgrade an instance.

Create a package

If you are not familiar with how to create a deployment package; head over to the SDK section and read the Get started and Publishing sections, to get detailed instructions on how to create a package.

Uploading a package

When you have your package it's time to upload it to your Deployment Manager. Click Packages in the main navigation, then click the green plus sign sign () to the far right in the table header. Browse for the package (.zip file) on your local computer and click Upload. The package will be uploaded to a container named packages in the Azure Storage Account that you configured the Portal to use.

Setting the default package

Navigate to Packages and click the outline of a star that is displayed when you hover over the Default column.

By specifying the default package you don't need to supply the package property when deploying new insances using the Deployment API.

Deleting a package

Navigate to Packages. Click the more menu (vertical ellipsis) for the package you would like to delete. In the dropdown menu, click Delete.