From the Instances page you get an overview over the Weavy instances you have deployed and which version they are running.

Click the instance name from the list to go to the details view for the instance. From the details view it is possible to upgrade, trash, start/stop and backup the instance.

Deploy an Instance

Make sure the correct deployment package is uploaded before deploying the instance. Read up on packages for more information about creating and uploading deployment packages.

Navigate to Instances. Click the green plus sign () at the far right, in the table header, to create a new instance. Supply the following required properties:

  • Name - The unique name of the site.
  • Package - Select the package to deploy.

Click Create to start the deployment of the instance. You can follow the progress of the deployment by clicking the notifications icon (bell) in the top right corner. Clicking on the item will give you even more information as the deployment progresses.

Upgrade an Instance

Click Upgrade and select the deployment package you want to deploy to the instance. During an upgrade, the site will be inaccessible until all files are transfered and any database scripts are executed. Normally the upgrade will take a few minutes. Follow the progress through the notifications panel.

Backup an Instance

Click Backup, next to the Database property. A backup request is sent to Azure and you can follow the progress of the backup through the notifications panel.

Database backups are stored in the container named exportbackups in the Azure Storage Account that you configured the Deployment Manager to use.

Trash an Instance

Click Trash to open a modal. Decide if the database should be backed up before trashing it, then click Trash to remove all Azure resources and configurations. Database backups that are performed just before trashing are stored in the container named archivebackups in the Azure Storage Account that you configured the Portal to use.

Accessing the Weavy logs for an instance

Sometimes it can be helpful to inspect the logs for the deployed instances. These are persisted as files in each respective Weavy instance - in much the same way that the Deployment Portal handles logs.

To view the logs for a perticular instance, go to the details views and click the Logs tab. Each log file is displayed in the list and you click Download to view its contents.