You can build your offering around the standard Weavy solution or add your custom functionality as described in the SDK. Either way you will need a way to facilitate the deployment of instances based on your Weavy solution or package. Typically, these Weavy packages are deployed as instances to Microsoft Azure and that's were the Deployment Manager comes in.

The Deployment Manager helps you to (among other things):

  • Deploy packages as new instances.
  • Upgrade existing instances.
  • Take backups.
  • Get metrics and see logs for deployed instances.
  • Start / stop / delete instances.

A Weavy instance running in Azure is comprised of an App Service and a SQL Database and organized as shown below:

Deployment Manager

The Deployment Manager is the user interface for everything that has to do with deploying and managing your Weavy instances.

Deployment API

The Deployment API sits on top of the Deployment Manager and gives you programatic access to deployment and management functions.