Deployment API

The API sits on top of the Deployment Manager and gives you programatic access to deployment and management functions.

The Weavy API is available from version 3.1.0 of the Deployment Manager.


There are a number of cases were we encourage you to leverage the API:

  • Were the sheer number of instances makes it impractical and time consuming to work in the Deployment Manager.
  • There is a need to programatically deploy sites in an on-demand and time critical fashion (for instance customer initiated creation).

API Anatomy

The Deployment API is based on REST and returns JSON-encoded responses.

  • Only available over HTTPS.
  • Utilizes HTTP error codes and methods.
  • Complex data should be sent as a JSON string.

A number of API endpoints will initate long running jobs, for example creating an instance or backing up a database. The HTTP code of the response will indicate success or failure, and also return a reference to the actual job. Query the API to get updated information about the progress of the job. Optionally, you can supply a callback url which will get called once the job finishes.