Browser Extension

The source code for a fully functional browser extension is available on GitHub for you to use as a boilerplate when developing your own extension. The extension is built for Google Chrome with the extensions API, but is largely compatible with the cross-browser WEB extensions API and will also run in Moxilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

In a terminal window, run the following command to clone the repository:

git clone

Minimal Configuration

You need to enter the url to your Weavy installation to get this boilerplate to work. Open the file helper.js in the src/scripts/ folder and enter the url to Weavy as the value for the _weavyUrl variable.

Generating Packages

There is a Gulp task you can run to automate the process of creating the packages needed by different browser extension stores.

In a terminal window, navigate to the root folder, where the gulpfile.js is located and run following command:

After completion, a dist folder is created. In the dist/packages folder, you can find a package for the Chrome and Firefox marketplaces as well as a package for Edge (public submissions are not accepted).

Testing the Extension

In Chrome, refer to Googles documentation on how to test extensions (see step 2).

Follow the instructions in this article to temporary install and test the extension in Firefox.

If you are interested in sideloading the extension in Microsoft Edge, use the source in the dist/edge_sideload folder and follow this guide about sideloading in Microsoft Edge .